creates a happy living environment.

AIRREX improves the quality of life of human beings through creation of new values and ceaseless innovation based on human dignity.
And AIRREX is together with customers through continuous quality improvement and new technological development with its management philosophy of making contributions to human development.


a company with customer-oriented thinking under the corporate motto of creating a happy living environment.

AIRREX creates a comfortable and pleasant living environment for customers with a wide range of products for household, business and industry.

AIRREX offers both pleasant coolness and warm by providing a mobile air conditioner in hot summer and a far-infrared heater in cold winter.
AIRREX commits itself to becoming a company that continues to research and does its best to create a better living environment.

Operation of an affiliate technology research center

AIRREX research center responds to customers’ changing demands fast and perfect as well as develops its own products.
All products developed are designed, produced and quality-controlled in conformity with ISO9001 design requirements.

Hephzibah Co., Ltd. will continue to invest into quality improvement and new technology development to be recognized as a company that is together with customers.

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