What is far-infrared ray?

Far-infrared ray is the longest wavelength light which is the most beneficial wavelength(5.6~15)μm for our life and human body and reaches
the deep layer of skin.

공냉식 에어컨

The feeling of stream room as it is!

Far-infrared ray of 6~14μm wavelength permeates deep inside the skin by resonance and causes not only surface but also inside temperature to rise.
Therefore, it has an excellent energy saving effect due to even heating and shortened time when heating.

A premium electric heater was born by combining the strengths of an electric heater and a hot air blower to make your space warm and cozy quietly.

Excellent effect of far-infrared ray!

Far-infrared ray radiates up to 40mm inside body (10mm for normal heat)
because its wavelength is absorbed by the water of human body and due to its ability to reach deep inside an object.
As a result, it is so beneficial to human body such as facilitating metabolism
by expanding capillary in the process of radiation and discharging wastes outside the body.

Difference between normal heat and far-infrared ray heat

When sun ray reaches the earth, far-infrared ray is radiated from morning sun rays and make plants grown during that time, and therefore it is called life ray or growth ray.

When absorbed into human body, it permeates into the skin 80 times deeper than normal heat and activates cell tissues and invigorates life activity through vibrating cells 200 times per minute by radiating into water and protein consisting of human body.

unique heating concepts

Use of abundant radiation of far-infrared rays

  • 일반 대류식 온풍기
    General convection current hot air heater

    The method of a conventional hot air heater of hot air moving upwards and
    transmitting heat gradually through contact with hot air reduces heating efficiency.

  • 에어렉스 원적외선 히터
    AIRREX far-infrared ray heater

    It is good for places where a conventional heater is low in heating efficiency
    due to difficulty of heating whole space or hot ceiling because it heats fast and wide
    by making heat spread horizontally using far-infrared ray’s direct movement and convection heat.

    (deep penetration and inner heat generation when heat is radiated in one direction)

An oil heater without odor and noise, Yes? or No?

AIRREX oil heater, the absolute version of oil heaters
Removes odor with a ultra-fast oil blocking system

We mounted highly combustible Air Rex ultra-strong burner which prevents odor,
smell and nozzle clogging by blocking residual oil in ultra-short time.
It removes the oil smell by mounting a step by step ‘Honeycomb’ tube inside of tube.

Removes noise by installing a high-efficiency silencer system

Smart BLDC motor system decreases the noise remarkably.
Air Rex heater realizes comfort heating to users in various places
through 40dB ultra low noises.

공냉식 에어컨

Strengths of an oil heater

고효율 소음기 시스템
High-efficiency silencer system

It reduced noise for pleasant heating.
It realized maximization of noise reduction by installing a high-efficiency silencer system of absorption and expansion methods inside.

튜브직경 차별화로 연소력 향상
Improved combustibility by differentiating the diameter of tubes

We further increased combustibility of tubes by stage by differentiating the inside diameter of tubes in 75/100/165mm

BLDC 모터 장착으로 소음감소
Reduced noise by installing a BLDC motor

We reduced noise for pleasant heating.
We drastically reduced noise by adopting a smart BLDC motor system.

열량조절 인버터 시스템
Heat control inverter system

We maximized fuel efficiency by controlling intensity automatically according to the temperature set.

편리하고 안전한 터치버튼&리모컨
Convenient and safe touch button & remote control

The interface of classy and intuitive design makes it possible to check out operation more easily.
And the magnet remote control makes control more convenient.

견고하고 세련된 외관 디자인
Solid and sophisticated outside design

We applied a sophisticated hairline metal color design that adds smartness to interior anywhere
(TITANIUM GRAY Hairline Metal Design)

기름냄새 없는 기름히터
Oil heater without smell

We removed the smell of oil by installing a metal 'Honeycomb' inside a tube by stages.

IOT monitoring system first in Korea

It can control AIRREX heater fast and conveniently anytime and
anywhere by providing various information according to user’s lifestyle.

An electric heater? Or a hot air heater?
Warmth of different dimension

AIRREX electric heater, an innovation of electric heaters
A High-efficiency electric heater spreading heat wide

It combined the strengths of an electric heater and a hot air heater.
It is AIRREX’s patented technology which maximized heating area and effect by installing an electric heater’s heating bar to the far-infrared ray plate.
Experience warm satisfaction of far-infrared rays at low electric cost as well as pleasant heating environment.

What is an infra plate?

A general electric heater has a limited quantity of far-infrared rays by just heating the heating bar,
but an infra plate is AIRREX’s patented technology which maximizes heating area by spreading the inner heat of an excellent thermal conduction plate evenly and makes a large quantity of far-infrared rays used for heating efficiently by heating through far-infrared ray coating.

Low heating costs, maximum heating effects

High-efficiency heating technology developed by AIRREX first in the world!

Air Rex’s patent technology mounts the heater rod made of infra plate radiator
inside of far infrared plate to maximize heating area and heating effect.

  • General convection current hot air heater

    Radiation by simple heating with an electric bar od coil like a general electric heater has a narrow conduction scope.

  • An infra plate heater’s heating concept

    It doubles thermal conduction because it spreads heat widely and efficiently by radiating far-infrared rays by a ceramic coated plate and circulating surrounding heat.

Strengths of an electric heater

편리하고 안전한 터치버튼 & 리모콘
Convenient and safe touch button & remote control

The interface of classy and intuitive design makes it possible to check out operation more easily. And the magnet remote control makes control more convenient.

슬림한 디자인, 벽면밀착, 공간절약
Slim design, Close adherence to the wall, Space saving

Its soft and slim ergonomic design fits everywhere and its simple design enables efficient use of space.

편리한 이동 손잡이 적용
Convenient handle for moving

Its handle was designed easy to move and manage considering user’s convenience (applied to some models).

부드럽고 강한 이동바퀴 적용
Soft and strong mobile wheels

Its mobile wheels were designed easy to move and durable with strong quality (applied to some models).

램프추가로 더욱 따뜻하게
Warmer with the addition of a lamp

2 way simultaneous heating system added a halogen lamp to plate heating, delivering faster and warmer heating (applied to some models).

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