New Brand Identity

AIRREX’s New Brand Identity incorporates AIRREX’s spirit of providing customers with a healthy life by pursuing innovation
through expertise in air conditioning field based on trust and creating a happy space based on human respect.

The logo type expresses modernity and refinedness with a unique and differentiated design.

The symbol mark expresses a dynamic and modern image symbolizing global pursuit and circulations of air.

Color Guide

It expresses the image of a brand specializing in air conditioning which create a happy living environment through a balanced circulation of cooling and
heating by applying Blue and Red which means technology intensive cooling and progressive heating respectively

Pantone 2757C
C : 100 M : 80 Y : 10 K : 25
R : 11 G : 23 B : 97

Pantone 179C
C : 0 M : 80 Y : 100 K : 0
R : 255 G : 5 B : 0

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