Mobile air conditioner

It shows an excellent cooling ability
in a place in need of partial and intensive cooling.

Pleasant working environment enhance product quality and efficiency, and maintains sanitation and cleanness.
AIRREX mobile air conditioner is proud of cutting-edge technology and durability capable of cooling a necessary place
in high-temperature working environment with an easy power connection different from existing air conditioner.

  • 01

    Industrial sites

    Car manufacturing factories, shipyards, steel works, glass factories, injection factories and extrusion factories etc.

  • 02

    Maintenance sites

    Maintenance sites of cars, airplanes and agricultural machines, gas stations and parking lots etc.

  • 03

    High temperature generation equipment

    Computer server rooms, exchange rooms, substations, machine rooms and manhole construction places etc.

  • 04

    Leisure/outdoor event sites

    Golf clubs, golf practice ranges, summer camps, outdoor performance places and film shooting places etc.

  • 05

    Agricultural/livestock industry sites

    Mushroom cultivation, pig sheds, cow sheds, chicken farms and floriculture complex etc.

  • 06

    Other clean area

    Cooking places, large kitchens, company and school canteens, highway rest places and church auditoriums etc.

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