Special air conditioner

Industrial air conditioners

No.1 market share!
No.1 customer satisfaction!

  • Pleasant cooling
    Low noise

  • Automatic digital
    temperature control function

  • Intensive cooling
    in the right place

  • High-strength
    mobile wheels

  • Cooling costs saving
    Various wind volume

  • Automatic control of
    the exhaust duct fan speed

  • Convenient
    turn-off reservation

  • Patented
    Made in KOREA

20-year market experience know-how
in mobile air conditioners

There is a reason for No.1 market share!
No.1 customer satisfaction
in industrial air conditioner market.

The design optimized to the external environment!
Intensive cooling to the desired place!

Differentiated design. You can enjoy more extensive cooling effect when grill is used.

The installation in the external space and air circulation system through duct make your environment more comfort and cool.

The user centered optimized design provides convenient use and easy follow up management (A/S).

  • Optimization
    of performance
    by applying
    a large volume fan

  • Remote control
    by using
    a digital controller

  • Patented and certified
    Made in Korea

공냉식 에어컨

Strengths of special air conditioner

심플하고 견고한 구조
Simple and solid structure

Simple and solid structure
and Be easy to use

성능 개선
Improved performance

We optimized performance by applying a large volume fan to the outdoor fan.

외부공간 설치 제품
A product installed outside

An air circulating method using a duct installed outdoors delivers pleasant and cool environment.

편리한 디지털 컨트롤러 & 원격제어기능
Convenient digital controller & remote control function

24 hour(by 30 minutes) off timer function
Temperature control function: discharge / temperature(1~30℃)
Remote control/blackout compensation/self-diagnosis functions

매립형 배기 팬 채용
An embedded air exhaust fan adopted

An embedded air exhaust fan of a simple design capable of stacking on upper level adopted
Temperature range at the place used: 40℃ or lower

편리하고 견고한 이동장치 채용
Convenient and strong mobile wheels adopted

Corrosion resistance and high strength by using 5-inch urethane wheels
A convenient fastening device attached

Example of applying a special air conditioner

  • For 1person

  • For 2person

  • For 2person

  • For 2person
    (water cooling)

  • For 2person

  • For 5person

  • For 5person

Application to the cooling system of a car manufacturing factory

Application to the cooling system of a feeding facility

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