Oil heater

Quiet and pleasant heating

A high efficiency silencer installed

Internal installation of absorber and extension type high efficiency silencer system reduces the noises dramatically.
40dB ultra low noise is realized by adopting BLDC motor system, it is energy efficient and economical because it helps to control at precise speed.

An oil heater without odor

An ultra-strong AIRREX burner developed with new technology

AIRREX maximized heating effects by enhancing combustibility and preventing soot
through developing an ultra-strong AIRREX burner exclusive for a tube(combustion) heater.

Blocking remaining oil in shortest time

Prevention of soot and reduction of oil. When a heater is turned off, remaining oil causes soot and odor. AIRREX minimized soot and odor which are weaknesses of an oil heater by blocking remaining oil in shortest time through a test by a certified test agency.

A tube reducing fuel cost and removing odor

Perfect removal of non-burning gas

It reduces waste of fuel cost by helping perfect combustion when burning non-burning gas by installing a Metallick Catalyst Substrates inside a tube and removes odor by preventing non-burning gas from being released.

Soft Touch Button

Convenient and safe high-class button

The interface of classy and intuitive design makes it possible to check out
operation more easily and setting a locking mode prevents safety accidents.

Strengths of an oil heater

고효율 소음기 시스템
High-efficiency silencer system

It reduced noise for pleasant heating.
It realized maximization of noise reduction by installing a high-efficiency silencer system of absorption and expansion methods inside.

튜브직경 차별화로 연소력 향상
Improved combustibility by differentiating the diameter of tubes

We further increased combustibility of tubes by stage by differentiating the inside diameter of tubes in 75/100/165mm

BLDC 모터 장착으로 소음감소
Reduced noise by installing a BLDC motor

We reduced noise for pleasant heating.
We drastically reduced noise by adopting a smart BLDC motor system.

열량조절 인버터 시스템
Heat control inverter system

We maximized fuel efficiency by controlling intensity automatically according to the temperature set.

편리하고 안전한 터치버튼&리모컨
Convenient and safe touch button & remote control

The interface of classy and intuitive design makes it possible to check out operation more easily.
And the magnet remote control makes control more convenient.

견고하고 세련된 외관 디자인
Solid and sophisticated outside design

We applied a sophisticated hairline metal color design that adds smartness to interior anywhere
(TITANIUM GRAY Hairline Metal Design)

기름냄새 없는 기름히터
Oil heater without smell

We removed the smell of oil by installing a metal 'Honeycomb' inside a tube by stages.

IOT monitoring system first in Korea

It can control AIRREX heater fast and conveniently anytime and anywhere
by providing various information according to user’s lifestyle.

Hairline Metar Design

changes interior.

AIRREX makes your space stand out with its titanium grey color outside
and high-class hairline in harmony with interior everywhere.

Safety is a must, plus 12 safety systems

12 safety systems, the most in Korea

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