All problems concerning humidity!
Leave to AIRREX large capacity dehumidifiers!

AIRREX sets a standard for dehumidifiers with the maximum dehumidifying volume in Korea,
built-in automatic drainage pump and low noise.

  • 01

    Problems concerning building construction

    New buildings, flooded buildings or buildings vulnerable to humidity due to water leakage etc.

  • 02


    Problems concerning places storing wood materials in relative humidity 70% or higher, storage of highly absorptive substances and quality control Document rooms, pharmaceutical factories, powder storage, candy production line and warehouse etc.

  • 03


    Steel materials and concrete surfaces etc. in production line during summer and in underground space

  • 04


    Steel production line with corrosion expected such as steel assembly line and electricity room.

  • 05

    Odor and bacteria

    Health clubs, bowling alleys, underground auditoriums and product warehouses etc. using underground places or in summer.

  • 06


    Low temperature storage and freezing warehouse for agricultural and fishery products

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